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Voices from Syria − What We Want is Freedom: A Member of White Helmets from Aleppo

On 23rd of December 2016, an event “Syria, The Lives living in-between War and Love: Film Screening of Silvered Water, Syria Self-Portrait and Panel Talks with Experts” was held in Tokyo.
A member of White Helmets, Mr. Ismail Alabdullah, expressed his feeling, thoughts, and hopes via Skype from Aleppo which was JUST fallen by the government forces. The message explains how the military mission carried by the troops in Eastern Aleppo was inhumane and innocent civilians were killed. And still, numerous civilians are facing terrible suffering today.
The message was towards people in Japan. However, I believe his words will be a wake-up call for every one of us in today’s world somehow.

Here is the whole description of the message delivered by Mr. Alabdullah


I am now on the western side of Aleppo. We were forcibly displaced to the western side of Aleppo from the eastern side after being bombed intensively and the 15-days of siege that followed. The situation was indescribable. Because people were suffering from hunger and lack of medicines, hospitals and humanitarian organizations: nothing was there to help wounded people. The siege of Aleppo started three months ago. There are still people staying in the blockade who cannot move, such as elder adults, orphans, disabled persons, and few soldiers of Free Syrian Army (FSA).
Besides this desperate situation, the government side forces have used chemical weapons which are internationally prohibited. These bombardments had been destroying all types of buildings to make it impossible for people to live. All sorts of buildings were targeted including buildings that offered basic-needs for people under the siege; nothing left at the end. The eastern side of Aleppo became an absolute place where nobody can live, an absolute place where even animals cannot live because of explosive sounds.
I myself had been locked in the buildings more than 24 hours; I had to move from premises to premises through holes we made on the walls to avoid the airstrikes. I witnessed the snipers of the regime shooting and killing civilians and numerous people under the mountain of rubble. It was so very intensive bombings. I also work as a journalist, but even those journalists could not take any photos or record any videos because of the intense situation. We left more than 20 dead people under the rubble including elder people because the airstrike had not stopped at all.

I warned the media from the first day of the siege that this situation, which I explained now, would inevitably happen; however, nobody listened and reacted.


Next, I would like to explain the food situation in Aleppo. Currently (Dec. 2016), only 5 pieces of bread (Markook: flat type of bread) for 5 people in 2 days (only half a piece of bread per person a day) are delivered. Distribution is not organized well. The accurate number of family members would not be considered, for example. Thus, no matter a family has 7 or 10 or 15, it is out of concern in this horrifying situation.
Also, the unsanitary water-conditions is a severe issue. We drink well water without any purification, because, there is no proper gas to boil and electricity available for six months. We cannot boil the well water or use electric filter devices. Under this condition, the number of diseases has risen due to dirking unhygienic water.
Furthermore, with a shortage of medical facilities added to the severe food-condition, it has strengthened the level of catastrophe in Aleppo. All seven hospitals including children’s hospitals were wholly destroyed. Therefore, such inhumane time has continued where we cannot help wounds at all.

What is going on Syria, the catastrophe, is a result of the decision we made, and the reaction of the regime, and indifference of international community. The revolution demanded freedom and dignity to be human in 2011. Every person in the world and the United Nations know this frightful situation, and though they also know the fact that numerous people are killed every single day, they just count numbers. Each government is sitting and surrounding Russia and China in conference rooms and both of which continuously exercise the power of veto on the Security Council. The function of the international society has completely suspended. Their hands are in the blood of killed people and children of Syria.

I would like to ask you all, how long this massacre will be going on? I would like to call for people in Japan, and especially the Japanese government to take responsibilities on this issue more than any other states. Particularly, prosecutions of war criminals such as the Assad regime and Russian side. Indeed, the Assad regime which killed tens of hundreds of civilians who were participating in peaceful demonstrations must be prosecuted.


Lastly, I would like to insist that we are not demanding food or money, but we are just requesting freedom. Freedom: talking what we think without fear, like what I and also you do here. We want freedom.
We want to see Syria where we can enjoy the right of freedom of expression like in Japan. As Japan did in the past, we want to end this war, and we want to rebuild Syria one day not so far in the future.


Based on a speech delivered by Mr. Alabdullah on 23rd December 2016
Translated by  Yasser Jamal Al Deen and Icchiku Yamada
Edited by Icchiku Yamada and Hiroaki Matsushita


The Actual Speech is on Youtube: Click Here

Voices from Syria −「ホワイトヘルメット」隊員によるアレッポからの現地中継


























An Event for Syria was Held in Tokyo. Over 450 People were Standing with Syria. 【English:العربية】


Our event for Syria on Dec. 23rd, 2016 finished with a great success in Tokyo, Japan.  We faced the Syria crisis in all sincerity.
We took this opportunity to consider (and reconsider) about the crisis in Syria from many different aspects; screening a documentary film called Silvered Water, Syria Self-Portrait (2014 by Ossama Mohammed), a commentary from a scholar of Arabic literature; Prof. Kaoru Yamamoto,

IMG_5475 a talk from the photographer; Mr. Shin Yahiro who served with the Free Syrian Army

IMG_5476and a talk from a Syrian who became a refugee about his dear homeland Syria and his very difficult experiences in Japan.

Also, we relayed with a member of White Helmets  (One of the bravest civil organizations of our time); Mr. Ismail Alabdullah via Skype during the event. He told the audience about the frightful situation in Aleppo.

%e3%82%a4%e3%82%b9%e3%83%9e%e3%82%a4%e3%83%ab%e3%82%a2%e3%83%83%e3%83%97 However, he also expressed that “What we want is not money or food. We want freedom, the same freedom as Japanese people have“… This is the most important message from the front line of the revolution and we should never forget.
On the day, a great number of people, 420  people gathered for Syria.

IMG_5472Although Japan is quite far away from Syria, we always keep thinking of Syria. We are feeling your pain. Please keep your hopes up. Please stay alive. We are here standing with all of you.
Again, I thank you so much for each one of you who came out to my event on the day.
I strongly hope this year 2017 will be a peaceful year for all Syrian people who are suffering right now… and I also hope they will be able to gain the freedom, which they have been seeking for a long time…

With all my respect for those who went before us to gain the dignity to be human, Rest in Peace.

الحدث الذي أقيم في الثالث و العشرين من ديسمبر من أجل سوريا لاقى نجاحا كبيراً و واجهنا الأزمة السورية بكل صدق .
وقد ناقشنا الأزمة السورية بطرق مختلفة منها:
١-عرض فيلم وثائقي عن سوريا
٢- شرح للأحداث عن طريق مختص في أدب اللغة العربية
٣-محادثة مع أحد المصورين التابعين للجيش السوري الحر
٤-محادثة مع أحد اللاجئين السوريين في اليابان التي تناولت قصة مغادرته لوطنه سوريا و الصعوبات العديدة التي وجهها في اليابان.
تحدثنا أيضاً خلال الحدث مع أحد أعضاء White Helmets (القبعات_البيضاء )
عبر سكايب فوصف للجمهور الوضع المأساوي و المرعب الحاصل في مدينة حلب. و تحدث أيضا عن تفاصيل الحصار التي واجهتها حلب الشرقية.

وقد أعرب عن مطالبه كما قال” نحن لا نريد طعام أو شراب. نحن نريد حرية كالشعب الياباني”
و أريد أن أتوجه له شخصياً بشكر جزيل لمشاركته معنا لهذه المعلومات القيمة.
وقد حضر الحدث أكثر من أربعمئة شخص من أجل سوريا. على الرغم من أن اليابان بعيدة عن سوريا ولكن نحن دائما نفكر و نهتم بالقضية السورية.
و أريد القول للشعب السوري أننا الشعب الياباني نشعر بآلامكم و نرجو أن لا تستسلمو و لاتتخلوا عن الأمل أبداً. إبقوا على قيد الحياة و سنفعل المستحيل لأجلكم.
و أخيراً أشكر جميع الذين حضروا هذا الحدث و كل من ساعدني للوقوف من أجل سوريا.
أتمنى من كل قلبي أن تكون سنة ٢٠١٧ سنة سلام لكل السوريين اللذين يعانون الآن، وأتمنى أيضاً أن يحصلوا على الحرية التي لازالوا يطالبون بها منذ وقت طويل و حتى الآن.

رحمة الله على شهداء سوريا
إرقدوا بسلام

Arabic Translation by Yasser Jamal Al Deen.
This event is now uploaded on YouTube : 【 https://youtu.be/7hYT1mpB09c











Our prayers and thoughts are with all Syrians who sacrificed their precious lives to gain the dignity.

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シリア危機に想いを馳せて 。

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2016年12月23日に開催いたしました「シリア−戦火と愛の慟哭…その狭間を生きる命『シリア・モナムール』上映会・講演会」における代表者山田一竹によるメッセージとなります(当日の配布資料の一部)。  ※一部編集済み












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