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【SSJ Winter Emergency Campaign】Internal Displaced Syrians

【SSJ Winter Emergency Campaign】Internal Displaced Syrians

We are launching “SSJ Winter Emergency Campaign for the Displaced People in Deir Ballout and Al-Muhammadiyah Camps”.

Winter has always been harsh on people everywhere. However, could you imagine encountering the cold winter in a tent without having a decent heating system or enough blankets? This is the situation of the displaced Syrians who are livings in the camps inside Syria.

Stand with Syria Japan (SSJ) took urgent action in a corporation with our counter-part organization Molham Team to support the internal displaced Syrians in Deir Ballout and Al-Muhammadiyah camps (Northern Syria) due to the critical situation. By distributing winter essentials such as fuel, blankets, and firewood.

Nowadays, Syrian people have to survive unprecedented harsh winter storms and floods. Conditions in those camps can be extreme and challenging, which has been exacerbated by the severe winter weather. More than 900 families, who are already fleeing the devastating war, in Deir Ballout and Al-Muhammadiyah camps are at risk of freezing temperature and struggling inside a temporary thin tent, facing a great risk of survival. One child is already passed away this winter due to the poor condition of the camp.

This emergency campaign aims to distribute winter essentials such as fuel, blankets, and firewood for the displaced 900 families in Deir Ballout and Al-Muhammadiyah camps (Northern Syria).

You can make a donation from a small amount. Please take consideration to donate to keep internal displaced Syrians who are in extreme need warm this winter. While the refugee camps in Lebanon has recognized worldwide, the camps inside Syria has been forgotten since major international organizations cannot achieve there.

Let’s together stand by the displaced people and help to secure their basic necessities. Those people are no different from each one of us. They are just demanding things we take for granted every day.

Our support could make a small but significant difference for their tomorrow.

How to Donate?

(1) Bank Transfer
Bank Name:Mitsubishi UFJ
(Saving Account)
Branch Name:Shimokitazawa
Branch Number:127
Account Number: 0482068
Account Name:スタンドウイズシリアジヤパン
※Please write ‘Camp’ before the payer’s name

(2) PayPal (By Credit Card)
Please donate by the following link
※Screen shows “Yamada Icchiku”
(representative of SSJ) as account name due to some technical issue, but please do not mind.

Campaign deadline: 31th. Jan. 2019
7th. Feb. 2019 Due to the emergency condition of the camps, we decided to extend the deadline. 


More information: standwithsyria.j@gmail.com

Stand with Syria Japan

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